About Us 

Welcome to Bearded Billy Farm, where our journey towards self-sufficiency and sustainable living began in the fall of 2016.

Founded by Amanda Adams, our farm story is rooted in a passion for embracing the timeless values and work ethic cultivated during her upbringing on a century farm in Southwest Iowa and later, amidst the enchanting backwoods of Homer, Alaska.

Our Founder – Amanda Adams

“I grew up on a century farm in Southwest Iowa and then, during my late teenage years, in the backwoods of Homer Alaska. I wanted to have a life that was similar to how I was raised. I have lots of fond memories on the farm and I believe that is what gave me my values and work ethic that I have today. Those are the same qualities that I want to instill in my children.”

Determined to weave a life reminiscent of her childhood, Amanda embarked on a journey that would redefine her connection with nature, farming, and the pursuit of self-sufficiency.

With the purchase of her first breeding pair of Nigerian Dwarf goats, Amanda’s dream took shape – one that included the joys of fresh milk, goat cheese, yogurt, free-range chickens and turkeys, and an abundance of eggs. 

The vision extended beyond sustenance, encompassing the creation of fertilizer and compost for the garden, truly embracing a holistic approach to farm life.

The Learning Curve

Amanda’s venture into goat farming was initially marked by the unknown, but armed with determination, she delved into every resource available. From scouring the Internet to seeking advice from friends and voraciously reading books, she left no stone unturned in her quest for knowledge.

Every opportunity to learn was seized, providing the foundation needed to cultivate a thriving farm.

Today at Bearded Billy Farm

Fast forward to today, and Bearded Billy Farm has evolved into a hub of knowledge, sustainability, and community. Amanda has not only become well-versed in the art of raising Nubians and Saanans but has also turned her passion into a thriving business. 

Bearded Billy Farm is proud to offer Goat Milk and Goat Milk products, including Goat Milk soap, pet ice cream, and pet shampoo – a testament to the commitment to quality and ethical farming practices.

Our Vision

At Bearded Billy Farm, we aim to nurture a space where values of hard work, sustainability, and the joy of farm life converge.

Our commitment to providing high-quality Goat Milk products reflects not only our dedication to the well-being of our animals but also our belief in sharing the bounty of farm life with our community.

Contact Us to Join the Journey

As we continue to grow and learn, we invite you to be a part of the Bearded Billy Farm community.

Whether you’re a fellow enthusiast, aspiring farmer, or someone seeking natural, wholesome products, feel free to reach out. We’d love to connect and share the joys of our farm life with you.

Contact Us to join the Bearded Billy Farm journey. We’re just a message away – let’s talk farm life!